What to Wear?

Helpful Hints For Your Session. 


1. Consider your character type. This is very important. You really want to be sure that your wardrobe choices compliment your character type. Knowing your market is key to getting a successful headshot. For example, what is your age range? Are you aiming at high fashion, commercial print or casual wear?  Are you the Girl / Boy next door type or do you have a more sexy and dynamic look?

Don't make it more difficult than it needs to be, office suites for corporate and T-shirts for laid back and casual. Its easier than you think. If your still stuck, look at some of your favorite models and and actors for their wardrobe styles as inspiration.


2. Your headshot is not a fashion show. Of course you want to look your best, but make sure the outfits you are wearing are not taking away from You! 

When picking out clothes, look for items that compliment your body type. You don’t want clothes that don’t fit. For the most part, avoid stripes, logos, ruffles and busy patterns; they are distracting in a headshot. Also, make sure you can’t see through your clothing. If an item is sheer, wear something under that is non-distracting. Your wardrobe should highlight your personality, not scream over it.


3. Capture your personality. Your agency, manager or casting director may love your spirit and energy but it needs to show in your head shot. Make sure that whatever your best attributes are they are being accented by your wardrobe. Ex; a long neck should be accented buy an outfit with a low neckline.

4. Bring options. Bringing to much is better than bringing to little. Don’t just bring different colors of the same shirt to your session. For each wardrobe change that you do, bring a few options. Each wardrobe change should tell a different story, otherwise you have wasted your money on multiple shots that look the same except for the color of your shirt. Your photographer will collaborate with you in choosing what you brought.


5. Buy and return. Yup, its done all the time. Finances should not be a reason you show up to your session with bad clothing. You need to take yourself, your headshots, and your career seriously. It is also paramount that you treat the close with respect. Most stores have a 30-day return policy, but they must be in perfect condition. It might be a good idea to keep some of the items so that you have something for interviews and auditions.  Again it is imperitive that you remember to treat their wardrobe better than you would your own.

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